PPC/Ad Management

PPC advertising services help drive customer traffic through Google Adwords. PPC helps you connect to your target audience while they are searching for your products/services through Google Adwords. Our Google Adwords team has a clear mandate of driving traffic to our clients’ businesses. For every project of our client, we will discover, research, discuss, strategize and establish an effective Google Adwords campaign. The team of experts at e-vitamins will ensure the ideal positioning of PPC ads in google listing and also ensure that they appear at the right time at the right place to connect with your prospective customers. Google Adwords campaigns executed by our team of experts will reach the target audience looking for your products/services. Our keywords selection and message presentation skills will get the optimal response from the audience. Opting for google Adwords service from us will deliver you the targeted traffic and direct the potential and interested buyers from major search engines and directories like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to your website. Our PPC advertising campaign involves strategic planning, keywords management, and content accuracy to stand out and be effective. We control ad placement through location, language, and IP address. We also help our clients in controlling their budget, defining their target region and audience as well as accurately measuring ROI and delivering sales. We follow a client-centered approach which will lead to the generation of high-quality leads to your website or e-commerce store. Our PPC service includes: Google Adwords: We create google Adwords campaigns to boost your web traffic and take your sales to greater heights.  LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter Ads: It includes image and text advertising as well video and sponsored advertisements to leverage diverse channels.  Landing pages: We also design innovative web pages which help you in capturing leads.   Why Choose Us? Active management of Google Adwords Well researched and compelling keywords Continuous monitoring of your ad’s performance Prime position at major search engine result pages. Complete PPC campaign management Detailed analysis and research for improving campaign effectiveness