Brand-Aligned Rich Product Description

RPD stands for Rich Product Description, which plays a game changer in E-commerce business platforms from the point of attracting customers, sales, and customer retention. RPD is a primary factor in establishing sellers as trustworthy business entities, which is where E Vitamins takes the lead. Creating Brand Goodwill for years, Evitamin specializes in creating exceptional Front Stores for brands on Flipkart. We also create brand-aligned written content for product descriptions and visual graphic content for brand recognition and customer retention. Without proper RPD, sellers do not get the exposure they deserve, and we can help you avoid that. We also provide you the associated services such as Flipkart Store creation, Flipkart Account Management, SEO, and more. With the help of E Vitamins, you can create an appealing Store Front and provide your customers with an amazing User Experience while browsing through your products on Flipkart, which will ultimately help you to increase sales and in retaining customers.